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Tribute To Antonio Prohias 

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"Celebrate the incredible journey of Antonio Prohías, the genius behind 'Spy vs. Spy,' in a thrilling biopic that takes you from the turmoil of pre-Revolutionary Cuba to the heart of American pop culture. It's a captivating tale of art, adversity, and the enduring legacy of a comic legend.”




"Imagine a life story that reads like a spy thriller, only it's all true. Join us on an exhilarating cinematic journey as we delve into the captivating life of Antonio Prohías, the visionary artist behind 'Spy vs. Spy,' the iconic comic strip featured in Mad Magazine.


Antonio Prohías' life unfolds against the backdrop of a tumultuous Cuba, where his artistic genius blooms despite the challenges of the Cuban Revolution. He ascends to become the Chief Editorial Cartoonist for Cuba's largest newspaper, using his art to subtly critique the rising regime of Fidel Castro.


But it's when Prohías launches 'Spy vs. Spy' that his life takes an astonishing twist. The comic strip becomes a reflection of his own existence, with two spies locked in a perpetual battle of wits, mirroring his own experiences navigating the treacherous political landscape of Cuba.


As the tension escalates, Prohías finds himself in the crosshairs of Castro's government, facing increasing danger and the looming threat of persecution. In a daring escape, he flees Cuba with his family, landing in the United States with nothing but their resilience and hope.


In this biopic, we uncover the real-life adventures of Prohías, who, while not a spy, lived a life as captivating as his fictional creations. His journey in the United States is no less gripping, as he rebuilds his career from scratch and achieves global fame with 'Spy vs. Spy,' a comic strip that transcends borders and continues to entertain audiences worldwide.


'Antonio Prohías: The Man Behind 'Spy vs. Spy'' is a cinematic rollercoaster ride through a life marked by creativity, adversity, and the enduring power of art. It's a story that showcases the indomitable human spirit and the ability of one artist's imagination to captivate generations.


Join us for a captivating exploration of Antonio Prohías' remarkable life, where reality and fiction intertwine in a narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Discover why his story is as thrilling as the comic strip that made him a legend."

                   Spy Vs Spy Theme Song
     Composed & Produced By :
  S.Prohias  aka Suzi Queen Moon 

 Spy Vs Spy Theme/Retro Mix  NEW! 2020

             "Like a Spy in the Night"

              Interlude composed By: Susana Prohias    
                   Theme song music composed by:
                       Susana Prohias & Joel Jacob 
                          Lyrics By: Susana Prohias 
     Vocals: Beth Cohen  Video Art Project : Susana Prohias 
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